Book your Tunnel Time

Contact sales@speedmerchantaero.com or call 603.974.1256 to advance book time in the tunnel. Please note that all bookings are in increments of 1.0 hours. Our staff will be happy to help you with this process and once a deposit is received, they will work with you to set the exact date and time for your Test Session.


If you have any questions needed to be answered ahead of your reservation, please don't hesiate to contact us via email atinfo@speedmerchantaero.com or by calling the number above or at 978.604.2061. Further info can be found at our Contact Info page.

Advance bookings for test session reservations require a non-refundable down payment deposit of $150 for individuals (and $1000 for the entire 8 hr day rate) to be made via Paypal to paypal@speedmerchantaero.com or by Credit Card (no Paypal account necessary) via Secure Transaction (encrypted). The booking and deposit will need to be made no later than a month in advance of the planned test date before it can be scheduled. If this is an issue for some reason, please just call the numbers above and we'll do our best to make it work for you.

All non-refundable deposits will be held by SMART until the test session is conducted, and SMART will do all it can to possibly reschedule either earlier or later based on both the needs of the client and the availability of test sessions at the tunnel. The deposits will be held for any test session for six months after the initial date of the original booking and deposit so as to give the client plenty of time to reschedule. The deposit will only be forfeited if the client does not reschedule and hold the test session in that time frame.


Simply click on the "Buy Now" button below to make your reservation and deposit either by Credit Card or Paypal:

Wind Tunnel Hourly Rate Table
with Physio Testing Services plus Package Discounts


Rate info set at $400 per hour for the first hour per client.

The second hour after the first for the same client will be $350, with each subsequent hour booked consecutively set lower still - please see details in the table below.

For $2500, the SMART Wind Tunnel can be reserved for a calendar day (meaning 8 consecutive hours of test time on a single calendar day on which we will not book any other clients) for either Cycling Teams/Clubs, any organized group, for Equipment Manufacturers, or any other company or group doing product testing/development. We also extend the consecutive hour rates and daily rates for any group like a number of clients from a single Coaching Service or Shop, even if on different teams or clubs but organized by the same primary contact like a Coach or Shop Owner.

Please see below the Hourly Rate Table with Discounts and Totals for booking of consecutive hours in the same calendar day:

Consecutive Hours Booked  Hourly Discount $ Hourly Rate $ CumulativeTotal
1 $0 $400 $400
2 $50 $350 $750
3 $75 $325 $1,075
4 $100 $300 $1,375
5 $100 $300 $1,675
6 $125 $275 $1,950
7 $125 $275 $2,225
8 $125 $275 $2,500

$312.50 per client hour for all 8 hours


The SMART "Continuous Improvement Plan" Pricing:

Any Individual Speed Merchant Aero client (meaning one person) paying full price for a test session can return another day within 18 months for any number of test sessions at just $300 per hour. Any return test session will "reset the clock" and give the client another opportunity to return any time within 18 months at that same reduced rate.

This unique pricing opportunity is being added to allow persons to return for fine tuning of both position and physiological capacities as well as to try out new equipment either that same year or at any time within the next year and a half. This is literally making Wind Tunnel Testing affordable and return trips and test sessions for Continuous Improvement viable for all of us. SMART will remove the idea that a wind tunnel test session is a once-in-a-lifetime experience unless you are a sponsored pro.


Athlete Testing info conducted by Jay Franics of FxD Coaching and Testing at the SPEED MERCHANT AERO Wind Tunnel Test Labs.


Our lab-based tests measure your fitness scientifically in a controlled environment so your test results can be accurately compared from session to session. By testing every six to twelve weeks, you can track changes in fitness and make the necessary adjustments to your training.

Please contact us for specific details on each test and for help in determining which would best suit your needs.

Athlete Physiological Testing Rates:

Cycling All-out 3-min $35
Ventilatory Threshold $55
Lactate Profile + Ventilatory Threshold $100
Gas Exchange Profile + VO2max $150
Lactate + Gas Exchange Profile + VO2max $225
Body Composition $35
Resting Metabolic Rate $75
Body Composition + Resting Metabolic Rate $100


Athlete Testing info conducted by Jay Franics of FxD Coaching and Testing at the SPEED MERCHANT AERO Wind Tunnel Test Labs - same location as the SMART LSWT.


Any combination of testing of both Wind Tunnel and Physio will get you a Package Discount - See Above Rate Tables and Below for details:

** Any combination of Wind Tunnel Testing plus Physio Testing (when booked at the same time tho not needed to be tested at the same time) will get new customers a $50 Discount (per hr) on the regular price of a Wind Tunnel Test Session. AND a 10+% Discount on all Physio Tests listed above.

** Any prior SMART LSWT client who wishes to utilize the FxD Coaching/Testing Services will receive a 10+% Discount on all Testing and Coaching services for SMART Repeat Customers as part of the "SMART Continuous Improvement Plan".

** Any Club/Team or other organized group reserving the SMART LSWT for an entire 8-hr Calendar Day for aero testing, whom also reserves a VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold test for each athlete testing in the wind tunnel - will receive a $400 Discount against the tunnel reservation plus $25 to $35 off each athlete's physio test package.