Speed Merchant Aero Mission Statement: Get SMART and Get Faster!

Leverage the collective experience of cycling-centric Engineers and Scientists to Architect, Design, Fabricate, Build, Integrate, Verify and Validate a Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) specific to the needs of the Competitive Cyclist and Triathlete and Cycling Equipment Manufacturers. Ensure the Accuracy and Precision expected of a State of the Art facility, in such a manner as to be Affordable, yet provide all the testing information and data expected of serious cyclists and manufacturers, with emphasis placed on the Knowledge, Experience and Skill to provide the feedback necessary related to equipment and position to grant the client an improvement in performance in real-world applications, within the confines of the longest run-on sentence you have read in a very long time.

The LSWTF (Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility) will provide accurate and precise readings of tunnel Airspeed, Aerodynamic Drag and Coefficient of Drag/Frontal Area, with instantaneous feedback to the client in the tunnel during the test session. The Wind Tunnel Test Section will be of a size and shape to accommodate many more potential clients and applications than those just cycling specific, but emphasis will be placed on maximizing the benefit to the cycling community.

For cycling applications, all expected cycling computer functions such as Ground Speed, Cadence, etc will be collected and displayed, as well as the most important physiological data such as Heart Rate and Power Output. These important factors will be used by the client, assisted by the experienced LSWTF Engineering and Operations Staff to balance an aerodynamic position against the need of the competitive cyclist to maintain the steady state power output expected in a race and needed to maximize one's potential speed and minimize their time to complete a Time Trial or to maximize the value of their energy expenditure if Off The Front and In The Wind in a Road Race.